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Pippa's Cooking Classes

A Maltese Culinary Experience

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Cookery Lessons

Pippa Mattei is a cook, food writer and teacher. Her kitchen has been a gathering place for many enjoyable meals with family, friends and those passionate to learn more about Maltese food.

Her first collaborative cookbooks, such as 'Specialities from Malta for your Table', led the way to her first publication 25 Years in a Maltese Kitchen. Published in 2003 this book continues to enjoy success and was recently translated into Maltese.

In 2009 she wrote Pippa’s Festa: A Celebration of Food in Malta, a book about festive cuisine, taking inspiration from Maltese, British and Italian cooking. This book went on to win an international prize, voted ‘Best Entertaining Book in the World‘ at the Gourmand Awards in France in 2013, and subsequently third prize in the Gourmand Award Entertaining Section at the best cookery books in twenty years awards.

Pippa has appeared on television in America, Greece and Gibraltar, and featured as resident cook on the popular local TVM program 'Gourmet'.

Pippa is married to John who is a great cook, and both her daughter Emma and son Alexander share her passion for food, best enjoyed in good company.


She hopes you too will enjoy trying out her recipes and sharing them with your loved ones and friends.



Pippa's cookery lessons are held throughout the year, except during the summer months of July and August.


Lessons take place in Pippa's spacious kitchen that looks out onto a Mediterranean garden. 


Lessons can be preceded by visits to the farmers' market on Tuesdays and Saturdays, where local fresh produce is abundant and fish market on Sundays.


Students learn how to prepare Maltese and Mediterranean dishes, which are then enjoyed with delectable Maltese wine.


Price is €165 for individual lessons and Lunch.

Copies of Pippa's books are available at discounted prices.


For further information and to book classes please fill in the contact form and we will get back to you.





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