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Counting the pennies

The Corona Virus situation means everybody is counting pennies in such an uncertain time. It makes one look at food preparation in a different way. The best way to save money when planning the day's /weeks' meals!

Today in my fridge I found a kilo of fresh ricotta, and three egg whites left over from my sauce hollandaise which I made last night for our Easter Sunday supper (delicious, see recipe in asparagus post)

So with the ricotta, I prepared two dishes:

Penne with tomato sauce and ricotta - this recipe appears in my cookbook( which hopefully most of you have?!) '25 Years in a Maltese Kitchen' (page 58)'

Also with the other half of the ricotta, I prepared an oven dish for another meal.

Pasta 'Snails' filled with a ricotta mix and baked in a mixture of milk and tomato sauce.

Mix your ricotta as above with egg, cheese, parsley and seasoning, mix well and then fill each pasta 'snail' with a spoonful of this mixture. Place them in an ovenproof dish, and then barely cover with fresh milk, and the top with a good amount of tomato sauce. Sprinkle with grated cheese of your choice, then bake in the oven till the pasta has absorbed all the milk and sauce and is well cooked. Allow to settle and serve hot. Rather delicious! This is a good old fashioned Maltese recipe.

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